Colin Kaepernick isn’t exactly Mensa material

OK, I know that even folks in Transnistria are all a-Twitter over Colin Kaepernick.

Here’s my take:

Granted, he had the right to sit out the anthem but he wasn’t right to do so.

One, he disrespected the flag.

Two, as a fallen superstar who now is a shell of himself as a quarterback and hanging onto a roster spot with the San Francisco 49ers, he likely has committed career suicide.

If the Niners shed him, other NFL teams will find a toxic, declining QB to be as enticing as a leper.

When Kaepernick is out of the NFL, nobody will care if he stands on his head or pirouettes on his ear during the anthem.

You know, this year’s Eagles may not be such stiffs after all

Imagination requires fresh food every day, and after watching the Philadelphia Eagles look crackerjack dandy in Saturday night’s 33-23 win over the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium, today I can envision the Birds being a .500 team this season.

Granted, hardly lofty expectations. But based on one preseason game, I’m not about to come flobbering after the Eagles’ NFC East title hopes like some circus seal.

That being said, the Birds did impress even a cynical sage such as yours truly.

Their D-line was ferocious, Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel were passing fancy, Josh Huff actually made a number of big plays, the secondary plucked another takeaway, Ryan Mathews and Kenjon Barner ran the ball crisply, and the first offensive line looked rock solid.

Of course, the Colts were missing half their starting defense but why nitpick?

One note of concern: Nelson Agholor remains a non-factor at receiver.

Perhaps the Eagles should bring back Riley Cooper.

Just kidding.

Kathleen Kane is no rocket scientist of a lawyer

What is it about attractive brunette politicians that makes them so stupid?

First Sarah Palin. Now Kathleen Kane.

Imagine what imbeciles they would be if they were blondes?

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced her resignation Tuesday, one day after a jury convicted her of perjury and other crimes for leaking sealed grand jury material to a reporter.

Kane did not testify and rested her case without calling a single witness.

I guess her defense team couldn’t find even one witness to speak on her behalf.

And I speculate she was afraid to open her mouth and commit more perjury.

Kane faces up to seven years in prison on the most serious charge when she is sentenced on Oct. 24.

I hope she is smarter when it comes to making license plates.

Carson Wentz perhaps could become the King of Fling

The Anointed One. The Heir, make that Air, to the Throne.

Also known as Carson Wentz.

The No. 2 overall NFL draft pick this year made his preseason quarterback debut for the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday night and gave an intriguing glimpse into what could be a rose-colored future.

Playing with backup receivers who couldn’t get any separation even with a crowbar and an OL that couldn’t block a hat, Wentz — who has prime size and arm strength — exhibited poise and pocket presence in the face of a blitz.

His stat line won’t sear retinas — 12 of 24 for 89 yards and one pick, 15 rushing yards — but his ability to move at his size, throw on the run and fit footballs into tight windows perhaps was a foreshadowing of The Golden Arm Messiah.

Because the kid looks like The Quarterback.


If there is a God, Donald Trump soon will develop permanent laryngitis

For me, I’d rather hear a coyote howling outside my tent than listen to the toxic trash spewing from Donald Trump’s foul mouth.

Let’s be real, people.

Do we really want for president a guy who is crude, ill-informed and recklessly callous and cruel in treating anyone who challenges him?

A circus clown who utters nonsense and then has to backtrack like a clumsy cornerback from almost everything he says?

Trump has been a Teflon-coated bully throughout his notorious campaign but his monstrous contempt for a Gold Star mother — whose son, a Muslim American soldier, was killed in Iraq — may change that.

Hopefully Trump gets his ass thrashed in November and he can resume his shallow life of flobbering like a seal after wherever the money tree grows and the suckers bloom.