If there is a God, Donald Trump soon will develop permanent laryngitis

For me, I’d rather hear a coyote howling outside my tent than listen to the toxic trash spewing from Donald Trump’s foul mouth.

Let’s be real, people.

Do we really want for president a guy who is crude, ill-informed and recklessly callous and cruel in treating anyone who challenges him?

A circus clown who utters nonsense and then has to backtrack like a clumsy cornerback from almost everything he says?

Trump has been a Teflon-coated bully throughout his notorious campaign but his monstrous contempt for a Gold Star mother — whose son, a Muslim American soldier, was killed in Iraq — may change that.

Hopefully Trump gets his ass thrashed in November and he can resume his shallow life of flobbering like a seal after wherever the money tree grows and the suckers bloom.


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