You know, this year’s Eagles may not be such stiffs after all

Imagination requires fresh food every day, and after watching the Philadelphia Eagles look crackerjack dandy in Saturday night’s 33-23 win over the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium, today I can envision the Birds being a .500 team this season.

Granted, hardly lofty expectations. But based on one preseason game, I’m not about to come flobbering after the Eagles’ NFC East title hopes like some circus seal.

That being said, the Birds did impress even a cynical sage such as yours truly.

Their D-line was ferocious, Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel were passing fancy, Josh Huff actually made a number of big plays, the secondary plucked another takeaway, Ryan Mathews and Kenjon Barner ran the ball crisply, and the first offensive line looked rock solid.

Of course, the Colts were missing half their starting defense but why nitpick?

One note of concern: Nelson Agholor remains a non-factor at receiver.

Perhaps the Eagles should bring back Riley Cooper.

Just kidding.


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