The Future Is Now! Howie Roseman reaps a fortune in draft picks for Sam Bradford and accelerates the arrival of Carson Wentz

Love him or loathe him, Howie Roseman has balls. And I’m not talking footballs.

This guy likely would barter with Beelzebub. Even with the season opener just a week away.

Roseman may look and sound like a nerd, but the squeaky squirt is a swashbuckler.

The guy who signed Sam Bradford to a contract extension, overpaid handsomely for backup quarterback Chase Daniel, and then traded away a posse of draft picks to move up to pluck Carson Wentz with the No. 2 pick in the NFL draft, pulled off a no-brainer blockbuster Saturday.

Roseman capitalized big time on the Minnesota Vikings’ desperate straits and bought back the Eagles’ future by dealing the lameduck Bradford to the Vikes for a 2017 first-round pick and a 2018 fourth-round pick.

Since the Birds didn’t have a No. 1 draft next year and are hosting the NFL draft, this trade dramatically fills that void.

And that 2018 fourth-round pick could become a third or even a second-round pick, based on how successful Bradford is with the Vikings — who lost quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to a catastrophic season-ending knee injury this week.

The Viking’ decision to pony up a king’s ransom, to coin a phrase, was a matter of stimulus and response. The other guys on their QB depth chart essentially are unarmed. Not a good thing when you have Super Bowl aspirations.

The super swap, of course, more than wrinkles the surface of the Eagles’ upcoming season and future.

This year’s outlook for the Birds’ season likely has dimmed a bit but the trade potentially could brighten their long-term outlook.

Roseman has opted to dance on the thin thread between short-term sacrifice and long-term reward.

At the moment, Daniel is penciled in as the team’s starting quarterback, but things could change quickly.

Despite his cracked ribs and playing only in the first preseason game, Wentz showed a lot this summer and likely can take the reins before the end of the season.

Granted, the precious reps he could have had by playing in all four preseason games would have accelerated his readiness.

Daniel, based on what he displayed in the preseason, probably will be terrible. If so, the Wentz Era could arrive faster than ludicrous speed.

Perhaps Doug Pederson will begin the transition by working in Wentz for a handful of series each game the same way Andy Reid did with Donovan McNabb as a rookie when Pederson was the caretaker starter.

Whenever Wentz does assume the mantle as being the air to the throne instead of the mere heir to the throne, rabid Eagles’ fans will be lighting extra candles in church that his legend soon swells like a blowfish.

And praying that the rookie QB’s legacy doesn’t blow up in infamy.

After all, bust is a nasty four-letter word in NFL parlance.


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