Carson Wentz soon will be on the back of a Wheaties box

The Eagles now play in Carson City, Wentzsylvania.

Yep, the kid quarterback who plays like a poised vet owns the town after the Birds went to 2-0 with a 29-14 win over the Bears Monday night in Chicago.

Wentz’s passing numbers were not retina scorching although they could have been better if two long completions hadn’t been negated by a penalty and a drop — the latter of which would have been a touchdown.

What was so impressive about Wentz, who had limited college experience at a lower level and basically no preseason, was his sense of command.

He moves players around like he’s orchestrating a human chess match. He doesn’t need a second opinion to diagnose defenses. His pre-snap reads are crisp and decisive. His touch and accuracy aptly complement a very strong arm.

Perfect throws, perfect decisions, perfect reads usually don’t ride in tandem with a rookie QB.

The only thing he does wrong it is get hit hard too often. He should stop by a Phillies game and learn how to slide. He should run out of bounds instead of taking a cartwheeling hit near the sideline. He should throw the ball away instead of hanging in there for a second too long in the pocket.

Valor isn’t only a great attribute for an NFL quarterback.

Otherwise, start erecting Wentz’s statue outside the Linc.

He became the first quarterback in NFL history to win both starts the first two weeks of his rookie year and throw at least one touchdown with no interceptions in both games. Repeat after me: Has never been done before.

Hopefully The Boy Wonder is no passing fancy.

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