No debating that Hillary, ahem, trumped Donald

OK, this debate, as overly hyped as it was going into Monday night’s War of Words, wasn’t the stuff of Lincoln-Douglas or Kennedy-Nixon.

But Clinton-Trump was entertaining.

First of all, what the hell was with Snifflegate? The Donald had big-time sniffles. He said he didn’t have a cold or allergies. Said he had a bad mic. Sounded like he has bad sinuses. It was annoying enough to make one want to smack his hair around.

Hillary won the debate, which wasn’t all that difficult because Trump — touted as the Babe Ruth of debating by his campaign going into the verbal scrum — was more like Casey at the Bat.

She seemed at ease. He looked effortful.

Clinton — no surprise here — was better prepared but did sound overly rehearsed and robotic at times.

Trump was underprepared and undisciplined and after his strong start, Clinton had him on his heels.

My three biggest takeaways:

Clinton seemed presidentially poised, stout enough and astute enough and, yes, likable enough to smother Trump’s bullying.

Trump, who apparently by design muffled his bluster, was undressed by the split screen – he sighed, made faces, interrupted. Which didn’t translate into a very presidential personality and temperament.

She hammered him on his taxes and exposed him as hardly the populist he proclaims to be — undressing the supposed Messiah of the Masses.

All this being said, the debate likely didn’t change much although it may move the needle marginally in Clinton’s direction.

Trump’s supporters seem convinced that he’s their man, no matter what he does or says or doesn’t say.

Yep, this is an election like no other.

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