Eagles now classified as an endangered species

OK, the Eagles no longer have even the thinnest shadow of a life this season.

Their season is turning into something despicable.

Rookie QB Carson Wentz is dissolving before our eyes.

After Sunday’s coyote-ugly 32-14 loss to the Bengals, it now appears it’s going to be a stark winter.

The offense has a paucity of talent, excelling only in making false-start and motion penalties. You can’t find a tourniquet big enough to apply to the hemorrhage that is the offensive line. The receivers couldn’t get separation even if they were wielding jousting poles.

The defense is soft, pliant and plodding, obviously not capture-and-punish invaders. At this point they likely could be stabbed to death with a feather.

Wentz, with a supporting cast that sucks more than disco music, is regressing. He is not seeing the field. His accuracy is evaporating. He is confused in his pre-snap reads and overwhelmed by the speed of the game. He looks lost, like a hick from North Dakota State in the big city. He seems doomed to an endless string of Proustian analyses.

If they unravel like cheap rayon the remainder of the season, it may be back to the infamous and proverbial drawing board.


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