This week the Eagles actually try, but for naught

Once again the Eagles won’t win the NFL title this season.

They haven’t since 1960. The world of football and the world at large have changed underwear about a zillion times since then.

So if you’re a long-suffering Eagles’ fan, you have been ripped off like an Amish tourist in the French Quarter. You likely would have gotten a better deal on Elvis’ wristwatch or an Okefenokee time-share.

The Birds lost 27-22 to the Redskins Sunday. At least this week their effort was honest and intense.

Indeed, contact-averse tight end Zach Ertz, his manhood skewered on sports talk radio all week, rose like a phoenix from the ashes. He caught 10 balls for 112 yards and threw more blocks than a 2-year-old.

Meanwhile, Carson Wentz remains a work in progress but is exhibiting some promising omens. He did go 32 for 46 for 314 yards and a touchdown but had a killer of an interception and lost a fumble that decided the game.

Of course, that fateful fumble was set up by a Pro Bowl defensive end beating a fourth-string right tackle off the snap.

In some ways it also was Wentz’s best performance yet considering the adverse circumstances. On that ill-fated final drive in which he marched the Eagles 61 yards in a minute and a half, they were playing without three of their four running backs, two of their top four pass-catchers, their No. 2 tight end, and three of their five Week 1 starters on the offensive line (along with their top backup).

With a supporting case like that, it’s tough for a rookie QB to turn vinegar into champagne, coal into diamonds and Cracker Jacks into caviar.


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