A Rose Bowl that was a real classical gas

Granted, it was a heartbreaker for Penn State.

But it was a game for the ages and the sages.

And then some.

Indeed, the Rose Bowl — already etched in folklore as the Granddaddy of Them All — just might have been the Greatest of Them All Monday night.

It featured two epic comebacks, first by Penn State and then by USC; a delicious abundance of spectacular plays and heroics; 101 points; 1,040 yards of offense; and more drama than even Broadway has seen.

The electrifying encounter even had the requisite heart-thumping ending with Matt Boermeester, who already had missed two field goals, nailing a 46-yarder amidst the cacophonous tension as time expired to give the Trojans, who had rallied from a 14-point fourth-quarter deficit, a synapse-snapping 52-49 victory.

The field was chockfull of great plays by great players, but the Greatest of Them All was Southern Cal freshman quarterback Sam Darnold, whose wonderful arm talent and riverboat-gambler nerve helped him pass for 453 yards and five touchdowns.

Darnold  was the embodiment of Clutch.

The game was the embodiment of Classic.


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