If America is the freaking mess Trump says it is, he had better start walking on water NOW

President Trump (that will take some getting used to) delivered a short, dark and defiant inaugural address today that was raw, partisan and fiercely populist in lambasting the state of the union.

His portrait of America was so bleak that perhaps it’s best if we simply give up and ask the British to take back their long prodigal colonies.

He promised to transfer power in Washington from political elites to the people (call it obnoxious populism) and vowing to put “America first.”

“This American carnage stops right here and stops right now,” Trump said.

With blunt, searing talk he railed about a crippled nation in dire need of bold, immediate action.

Standing on a platform with much of the Washington establishment, he tore into the people who have run the country. He spurned the poetry and grandeur of most inaugural speeches and instead delivered a rallying cry much like his stream-of-consciousness campaign talks, brimming with brash bravado.

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