The presidency as pure spectacle

Isn’t it downright delicious?

Our presidency now is the ultimate entertainment outlet.

Exit the dignity and class of Obama.

Enter the raucous circus with President Pinocchio as the ringmaster.

This presidency is pregnant with potential to be the Greatest Show on Earth now that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus is folding its big tent.

So much for the gravity of the Oval Office tempering our new commander-in-chief.

Those foolish enough to think so already are sour with disappointment.

What a marvelous screenplay this would make. Are you paying attention, Oliver Stone?

President Trump is thin-skinned, an egomaniac, a dispenser of alternative facts (the cardinal rule of propaganda is the bigger the lie the better) and a bully.

This is a guy who picks fights with everybody, even the pope.

He now is at war with the media after lambasting the intelligence community — with the gall to appear at CIA headquarters and blame the press, not his inflammatory tweets, for causing his rift with the intelligence community in the wake of the Russian election hacking.

How’s that for insulting everyone’s intelligence?

Indeed, the man — whether it’s with his super-quick tonsils or thumbs — is an insult machine.

He still is campaigning, putting in some hard licks on his sculpture, chiseling his image as Mr. Mean.

Our president is an incredible lightning rod for division.

Many consider him to be a hero while many consider him to be a heavy. His supporters mirror swagger and chutzpah; his detractors mirror disillusionment and despair.

As a man who fancies himself as a populist, that only seems to be true with his base. True populist presidents don’t have millions taking to the streets on the day after the inauguration.

Of course, if Trump truly can make America great again despite all the falsity, bluster and hysteria, good for us.

If not, at least he kept us all wildly entertained.

Fasten your seatbelts because it’s going to be one helluva rollercoaster ride.

And don’t forget that while he says this is all about us, it’s really all about him.

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