For his sake and ours, someone should delete Trump’s Twitter account

Send in the clowns. The circus continues circling us like a maddened carrousel.

Early this morning Donald Trump, behaving with the utmost presidential decorum, unleashed a series of tweets accusing his predecessor of tapping his phones just before Election Day: “A NEW LOW!” “This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!”

Trump must wash his hair with Paranoia Shampoo.

His Twitter binge unleashed, as he likely expected it would, a flurry of comments on the same medium, with his partisans echoing his rage at Barack Obama while many others questioned Trump’s motives, his integrity and his mental stability.

Comrade Trump, of course, is counterpunching in the midst of growing flak about his campaign and transition team’s involvement with the Russians.

Perhaps he should pay more attention to North Korea, and more importantly, the facts in all cases.

Praised for not coming across as a rambling mess in his speech to Congress, Trump reportedly still lied 51 times that night.

This guy wouldn’t know a fact if it jumped out of his soup and landed on his red tie.

So nice to have a fearless leader living in an alternate universe.


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