Aaron Hernandez is dead, but he already had thrown his life away

Call it the Triple T.

Talent. Trouble. Torment.

Aaron Hernandez had plenty of all three

His troublesome and strange saga is over.

The man who blew it all is dead, apparently by his own hand. But people close to him say he would never kill himself and speculate that he may have been murdered.

The timing was as weird as his life. He was found dead in his cell Wednesday, the same day some of his former New England Patriots teammates visited the White House to celebrate their most recent Super Bowl victory.

Some question why Hernandez would take his own life — Massachusetts prison officials say he hung himself in his cell — just when things seemed to be looking better for his future.

It was only a week ago that he was acquitted of two additional murders in a separate case.

Although Hernandez was already serving a life sentence without parole for murder, his attorneys were hopeful that Hernandez had a chance to be released from prison soon because the 2013 conviction was being automatically reviewed by the state’s highest court.

The chronology of his wasted life is bizarre.

Star tight end at the University of Florida at 17.

Drafted by New England Patriots at 20.

Signs $40 million deal with New England Patriots at 23.

Convicted Killer at 25.

Dead in apparent suicide at 27.

The fleet tight end simply couldn’t outrun his demons, the drugs, the gangs, the violence, even himself.

It’s not for me to speculate on whether Aaron Hernandez is resting in peace. But I do know that he sure as hell did not live in peace.

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