Of course Mayweather won and now can open up his own bank. But Father Time was the real winner

The improbable fight had the probable ending Saturday night when Floyd Mayweather, out of a two-year retirement at age 40 to take on UFC 155-pound champion and novice boxer Conor McGregor, won on a 10th-round technical knockout.

The whole farce was illogical.

Mayweather, hardly the greatest fighter of his time anymore as time has sapped the spring in his legs, reached 50-0 and made up to perhaps $300 million for beating a guy who once upon a time shouldn’t have been in the same zip code as Floyd and hardly would have hit him.

The fact that McGregor even had remote success, however fleeting, against Mayweather demonstrated that Mayweather is no longer magnificent.

There was a time when his vaunted and ultra-effective shoulder roll defensive style not only eliminated all potential targets for an opponent, but allowed Mayweather to stay in position for a hard counter when making his opponent miss. Floyd was the master of it.

Mayweather in his prime was a splendidly plumed bird who wrote on the wind a singular kind of poetry of the body. His hands whipped out and back like the pistons of an enormous and magnificent engine. He had lightning in his feet and fire in his hands until they turned brittle with overuse.

His legacy stacks up in the pantheon of the ring, a sensational stylist who always will remain vivid in the folds of time.

Granted, Mayweather exits the fight game with an unblemished record. But undefeated? Only Father Time is undefeated. And Father Time is the guy responsible for the erosion of Mayweather’s once supreme skills.

The super Trump fan who may actually be a Russian bot

I know that this Russian nonsense is just so much fake news because as we all know, the Russians love all Americans as dearly as our president loves the Russians.

Look for Putin to defect to the U.S. any day now. Now there’s real fake news!

Perhaps the only folks Trump loves more than Russians are his 35 million Twitter followers, many of whom have to be briefed on how to eat their cornflakes.

Early Saturday morning Trump tweeted his gratitude to a social media super fan, Nicole Mincey, magnifying her praise of him to his 35 million followers who are stuck to him like Super Glue.

Here’s the problem: There is no evidence the Twitter feed belongs to someone named Nicole Mincey. And the account, according to experts, bears a lot of signs of a Russia-backed disinformation campaign.

Do svidaniya!