If you’re an Eagles fan, this is no time to pinch yourself!

Talk about one shining moment.

Where did THIS Eagles’ season come from?

Surprising. Shocking. Surreal. Sublime.

Indeed, good enough to eat and good enough to toast with the most expensive champagne.

The Birds hammered the Cowboys 30-0 in the second half Sunday night en route to a resounding 37-9 victory that put a hammerlock on the NFC East title.

It truly was Doomsday in Dallas.

It no longer is pure folly to harbor Super Bowl fantasies for Eagles’ fans.

Granted, at this delicious juncture, calling them fantasies may no longer be applicable.

Living in a Bay of Pigs

I guess a lot of folks have been walking around with broken moral compasses, sexually harassing women (and some men), disrespecting them and treating them like sexual objects instead of human beings.

When women started revealing to the world (apparently the inside Hollywood elite knew for years) that Harvey Weinstein was The Pig of Pigs, it opened a floodgate and now it seems as if sexual harassment has been a national epidemic for years.

Sort of ironic that Thanksgiving is fast approaching. After all, the Pilgrims supposedly were so straight-laced about sex that they wore straightjackets to bed.

With pro football washing up on the shoals, groping just may be the real national pastime.

A damn shame.

A tale of two golden quarterbacks

Jared Goff and Carson Wentz went 1-2 to the Rams and Eagles, respectively, in the 2016 NFL draft.

Unlike the 1-2 scenario of Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf in the 1998 draft, at this stage it doesn’t seem to be the case that either Goff or Wentz will flame out like a falling star like Leaf.

Goff and Wentz are two of the bright young quarterbacks in the league. Golden boys with golden arms and golden dreams.

Sunday they both threw four touchdown passes as the Rams whipped the Giants 51-17 to reach 6-2 and the Eagles hogtied the Broncos 51-23 to go 8-1.

Picking quarterbacks who robustly ripen mostly is a fool’s errand. For every stud there is a bust.

So far it seems the Rams and the Eagles found it as easy as picking corn in 2016.