Apparently President Trump has spent too much time in the heat

President Trump was on “60 Minutes” last evening to present The World According to Donald Trump, which is remarkably different from the world the rest of us inhabit.

Trump now denies denying climate change, backing off on his oft-repeated claim that global warming is a hoax.

Is our president suddenly sprouting some smarts?

Sadly, no. He then said that climate change could very well go back.

No chance in hell.

Long-term average global temperatures have moved in one direction the last 115 years: upward. The rise of 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit since the start of the Industrial Revolution already has led to more intense wildfire seasons and the melting of Arctic sea ice.

The National Climate Assessment report on science approved by the White House in November found unequivocally that climate change will not reverse itself.

Just a thought, but wouldn’t it be awesome if climate change could reverse itself as easily as Trump reverses himself?