Phillies hope to ride Harper’s ferry to greatness

Bryce Harper now is a permanent fixture on the Philadelphia skyline, just as the sun becomes a molten fingernail of light on the daily horizon above Billy Penn’s Phillies hat.

It only took only 117 days for Harper to squeeze out a mammoth 13-year, $330 million contract from the Phillies, making his net worth bigger than Venezuela’s.

Amazingly, it’s a team-friendly deal because by spreading the money over so many years, the Phillies will have enough cap space to lure other free agents through the years.

Hopefully one of them is Mike Trout, the Jersey boy, fanatical Philadelphia Eagles fan and the best baseball player on the planet who toils in obscurity with the Angels.

Trout, unless he signs a contract extension with Los Angeles, will become a free agent in 615 days.

Harper and Trout in the same Phillies lineup would be vintage Dynamic Duo horsepower … sort of like Ruth and Gehrig with the Yankees, Mantle and Maris with the Yankees, Mays and McCovey with the Giants, Canseco and McGuire with the Athletics, and Zonca and Zielinski as Reading Eagle sports columnists.